BMW i Vision Circular Concept Is A 100-Percent Recyclable City Car

The BMW i Vision Circular is completely composed of secondary materials or renewable raw materials, which makes it 100-percent recyclable

BMW unveiled the i Vision Circular Concept at the 2021 IAA Mobility Show in Munich

The car is composed of 100-percent recyclable materials

There’s a digital surface up front that interprets the headlights and gives the impression of the kidney grille

The body is mostly composed of recycled aluminum and has a light-gold anodized finish to it that transitions into a bluish-purple color at the rear

The bumpers are manufactured from recycled plastic with a marbled surface

Instead of using badges, the brand logo is engraved onto the body here

The tires are composed of sustainably cultivated natural rubber and the wheels are aero-efficient

It features lounge seats at the front and a bench at the rear

It also comes with a 3D-printed crystal instrument cluster and steering wheel

No word on the powertrain, but it comes with solid-state battery pack

Don’t expect a production version anytime soon because this is BMW's vision of a compact city car in 2040

However, we could see some components being used in the upcoming cars

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