Brace Yourselves, The New Toyota Tundra Is Coming On September 19!

Toyota has revealed that the highly-anticipated all-new Tundra will debut on September 19

Toyota announced that the all-new Tundra will debut on 19th September. The company announced it via a teaser on its Facebook page

There’s not a whole lot known about the truck yet, but it will come with some significant improvement from what we know so far

The company revealed an image of the truck a couple of months back after it was leaked online

It came with 18-inch, six lug-nut wheels, a bigger grille up front, and some other different design cues

The thirsty V-8 will most likely be ditched in favor of a V-6 with some kind of hybridization

Swipe up to watch the teaser and reach about the new Toyota Tundra in detail


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