Bugatti Goes Sensor Crazy To Ensure The Chiron Super Sport Can Easily Hit 273 MPH

Bugatti is using 100 different sensors to measure and record data as it makes the final adjustments to the Chiron Super Sport

Bugatti is in the final stages of testing and perfecting the Chiron Super Sport

It’s no easy feat as the Chiron’s suspension, chassis, engine, and aerodynamics all work together to achieve maximum performance

To ensure everything is tuned to perfection, the company has installed 100 new sensors

These sensors measure temperature and pressure under and an all driving conditions

The end goal is to make sure the Super Sport is as predictable as possible at speeds of 400 km/h (248 mph) and above

With the data collected, six engineers will begin analyzing to determine the perfect setup

Heady of Bugatti’s Chassis Development, Jachin Schwalbe said,

“Our engineers are from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds, enabling them to comprehensively verify our assessments, ensuring the best possible result and therefore maximum performance for the future owners while ensuring there is maximum testing safety”

It's probably a good thing too, since the Chiron’s W-16 delivers 1577 HP and 1180 pound-feet of torque

All of this extra effort and tuning should make the Chiron Super Sport the most manageable supercar on the road

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