Bugatti Should Really Consider Building a Front-Engined Coupe

A Front-Engine Bugatti May Be What The Carmaker Needs to Spice Things Up a Bit

A front-engine model would be a nice throwback to Bugatti's past

In the past, all Bugatti models had the engine in the front

And in recent years, the company has made some attempts to recreate that

In 2015, they came up with the Atlantic, named after the iconic 1930s model

In the same year, the Bugatti Rembrandt was supposed to make an appearance, but never did

There is still hope

Apparently, Bugatti, together with Rimac, are cooking a V-8 hybrid versrion of the Chiron

so a front-engine model isn't out of the question

It will allow Bugatti to add a more GT-oriented model in their lineup

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