Can a 500 Horsepower Genesis G70 Take On a 600 Horsepower R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R?

Watch and find out if this modified Genesis G70 3.3t has what it takes to take on one of the most legendary Japanese tuner cars ever made

Can the new Genesis G70 dethrone the Skyline GTR or will it get spanked?

On paper, the G70 is down 100 hp. It's also 600 lbs heavier. On the other hand, it has a quick-shifting autmatic and all-wheel drive

The GT-R moniker possesses a mythic status, but will this be neough to take on a modern-day performance sedan?

With minor mods, the G70 now makes 500 hp. The GT-R's RB26, on the other hand, features an extensive mods list

The GT'R's ace up its sleeve is the big Garret 38-84 turbo, which provides great top-end power, but also a lot of lag

The GT-R has been converted to rear-wheel drive only, which probably isn't going to help here

The Genesis G70 is also brand new, with just 300 miles on the clock, so an unabused drivetrain might be the edge it needs

In reality, the Genesis wins most races with ease, as the GT-R driver seems to be short-shifting

Unike the first two races, the third one is from a rolling start, which does give the GT-R a chance to redeem itself.

Regardless of who wins, both cars finish the episode with victory donuts

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