Can a Big Turbo Corvette Take On a Highly Modified GT-R?

A big turbo, big block chevy and a twin-turbo GT-R go at it in an epic drag race

credit: Hoonigan

Two highly modified cars and two very different 1,000+ horsepower recipes

The C6 Corvette is all about size - 427 V8 and a 98 mm single turbo. Tuned down, it makes 1,500 horsepower

The GT-R, on the other hand has "only" 4.1 liters of displacement, but twin turbos. It makes 2,000 horsepower

However, this particular "R" is known for blowing an intake manifold in the past. Will it work today?

The "Vette" and "Godzilla" both have to lug around 3,300 lbs without the driver in them

But the GT-R has all-wheel-drive, while the C6 needs ballast in the back for better traction

The Corvette also has a 2-speed powerglide gearbox, which a drag build must have

unless you have the GT-R's 6-speed DCT

The drivers decide to do three 500-foot races

Despite a late start, the GTR takes the first race

credit: Hoonigan

Both cars have traction issues in the second run, but GTR still takes the win

credit: Hoonigan

The Corvette gets two car lengths for the final bonus race, as the GTR has superior traction

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