Chevy Beast Concept Debuts at the SEMA 2021

Dubbed by many as a real-life Halo Warthog, this concept truck is a dune bashing monster that no one saw coming

The 2021 SEMA show will see several major automakers coming in with some truly outrageous concepts. Chevrolet is no different and they're bringing eight concepts to this year's event in Las Vegas

Leading the pack will be a concept dubbed the Beast. The internet is already frenzied with it and is being dubbed by many as a real-life Halo Warthog

The angular theme continues to the rear as well. You really get to see the amount of wheel articulation possible from the adjustable long travel suspension

The front end is particularly menacing to look at with the clamshell hood. With barely any overhangs, the approach and departure angles are more than 45 degrees.

Speaking of the hood, under it lies a 6.2 L V-8 Crate engine, that produces 650 HP> It also features AWD and a two-speed transfer case

Step inside and the doors and windscreen are gone. You'll find four Recaro buckets along with a pair of 7" screens that will throw up all the info necessary to tackle tricky terrain

You also have a bunch of spare 37” AMP Terrain Attack M/T tires, sitting in the bed, just in case. Overall, the Beast looks like one badass truck. Swipe Up to Read More.


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