Confirmed: The Porsche 718 Goes All-Electric in 2025!!

The next-gen Porsche 718 will only be sold as an electric car

Following, quite literally, years of rumors, Porsche has finally confirmed details about the 911 hybrid and, more importantly, that the 718 is going electric

Despite Porsche’s previous statements that a 718 EV wouldn’t happen anytime soon, Porsche has managed to make it happen, or will make it happen.

According to the company, the 718 EV will launch in 2025, and electric propulsion will be the only powertrain option after the current-gen 718 is discontinued.

It will be the first Porsche to ride on the PPE platform, and the third electric Porsche after the Taycan and Macan EV.

It was previously suggested that the Porsche Mission R Concept shown here was going to be the basis for the 718 EV, but ti was based on the Cayman’s platform and there won’t be a lot of carryover

It also won’t have the same type of power output, which in the Mission R maxed out at more than 1,000 horsepower with some 680 horsepower being delivered consistently

I probably won’t be as fast either, but it could come close to the Mission R’s 2.5-second sprint to 62 mph and top speed of 186 mph.

We’re guessing it will be capable of delivering some 400 horsepower consistently, which should be more than sufficient if Porsche does its job right.

Hopefully, we’ll see a concept in the next year or two, but until then swipe up to learn more about the 718 EV!