Custom 1966 Corvette Convertible Sells for $250k at Barrett Jackson

Dubbed Blue Diamond, this Restomod Vette has some unique changes under the skin to justify the price, Read On to find out what they are

Okay, so Restomodding really is a thing and when the car's as gorgeous as this C2 hit the Block, they fetch a lot of money

People really after the classic style, but want modern touches and that's exactly what this particular example really is

Dubbed the Blue Diamond, this C2 Convertible went for a cool $253,000. Of course, there were significant changes under the skin to justify the high asking price

Let's begin with the gorgeous exterior, shall we? The Restomod Corvette has a unique and modest widebody-built rear end that retains the lines of the stock car

Other changes include a new hood

Some beautifully polished rims, 18" up front and 19 at the rear sitting on Continental tires. You can't miss the modern brakes either

You've got Corvette badges above the side air strakes

But my favorite design feature by far has to be the side exhaust unit, which works really well against the blue paint

Overall, this 66' Vette now has the performance of a modern car with the Retro looks that so many of us lust after, and with just 380 miles on the clock, this low mileage hence went for $250k. Swipe Up to Read More about the Blue Diamond.

This convertible gets a custom white soft, which also works against the subtle paint

Next, we step inside into what looks like a retro cabin

However, there are modern touches like this HiFi head unit

You'll also find a pair of beautiful bucket seats finished in white leather

A set of unique gauges and a custom billet steering wheel

Next, lets pop the hood, because this is where you'll find the biggest change

The old powerplant was swapped out for a fuel-injected LS7 V-8 engine

That's mated to a Tremec Hurst Manual Transmission

The mods go beyond the engine bay. The chassis was customized too and now uses a Collier Technologies frame along with custom C4 suspension, so that this classic Vette handles better


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