Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class

AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class will soon be positioned under a new business group, and it could be a big deal

From the outside, it’s easy to assume that AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class are all performing well for parent company Daimler

And while that may be true, Daimler has decided to move all three brands under their own business group.

This news isn’t exactly official quite yet, but there are reportedly plans to make a real announcement at the Munich Auto Show

The goal is to strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class and streamline marketing costs

A spokesperson told Automobilwoche,

“We will not only maintain the independence, strong identities, and evolved corporate cultures of the individual brands, but also further expand and sharpen them”

For now, it seems AMG’s current boss, Phillipp Schiemer, will be in charge of the new business group

If everything plays out right, this could mean that AMG and Maybach models, along with the G-Class, will be sold within their own dedicated dealer network

This means that potential customers of Daimler’s best companies will receive a more luxurious buying experience

When Daimler will officially move AMG, Maybach and the G-Class under the new business group remains to be seen

But we’ll likely hear more leading up to the Munich Auto Show

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