Despite Its Age, the Nissan 370Z Is Still An Amazing Sports Car

Can the Nissan 370Z prove to be the biggest performance car bargain today?

In Raiti's Rides latest video, the host talks about the bargain that the 370Z represents

It might be a better chocie than even the new Toyota 86

It features a simple and clean design all-around

No fake vents here. The 370Z is all business

Joe is especially fond of the 370Z rear

“I love a nice size rear end” - Don't we all?

It's also practical for a sports car

It has acceptable luggage space and easy access thanks to the hatchback decklid

You get a lot more engine than in a Toyota 86

The Z's 3.7-liter V-6 produces 332 horsepower and 271 pound-feet (368 Nm)

It also features a very good interior with mostly good materials

Well-aged for a 13-year old interior, but iwht rudimentary infotainment system

This particular one has the seven-speed automatic, which is not bad

But ideally, you want the six-speed manual

Driving the 370Z is an event

Plenty of power and just the right amount of oversteer to make you smile

Interested in seeing how the 370Z has aged?

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