Did This Construction Company Just Save the Internal Combustion Engine?

The British heavy machinery maker sees a promising future for hydrogen with this new technology. Is this one last chance to save the piston engine?

British heavy machinery maker, JCB has developed a combustion engine that works on Hydrogen

Conventionally, Hydrogen is used to generate electricity in a fuel cell. It reverses the electrolysis process to generate energy that powers an electric motor

As with the current industry trend, JCB has experimented with battery technology, but there are limitations to this technology when it comes to heavy equipment

Also keep in mind that cars for example have an operational time frame of 300 hours annually, which is considerably lower than comapred to heavy machinery

As a result, the British firm has turned to Hydrogen, which also provides a means to go green. Hydrogen is the most abundantly available resource in the universe

And JCB has now modified and developed one of their Diesel engines to work on Hydrogen

This prototype matches the performance and operational characteristics of existing machines. These H2 Piston engines can also be manufactured on existing assembly lines

It runs on synthetic Hydrogen. The challenge with hydrogen still remains the infrastructure to support this technology

Regardless, this is great news for the combustion engine and it has to be seen if the industry sits up and takes notice. Swipe Up to Read More.