Dodge Viper GTC: Is It Worth The Price?

Producton of the Dodge Viper ended, but it’s still worth the price. Here’s why

Production of the Viper officially ended in August 2017, but don't dismiss it just yet

After 5 generations and 25 years of production, the story of the Dodge Viper seems to have come to an end, which is why picking one up now may be a good idea

Joe from YouTube channel Raiti's Rides explains why the Viper is one of the wisest purchases, at the moment

There are a few reasons, considering a fifth-generation Dodge Viper is a good idea and Joe walks us around this 2017 Viper GTC to explain why

Racing herritage

The Viper is often misunderstood and labeled as an unrefined brute. However, the model boasts a successful racing career at the various US and international racing series. It even set a lap record at the Nurburgring, for stick-shift cars

Great handling

While still a Viper, the fifth generation is significantly more refined than the ones before it. In addition to a great chassis, it has some of the widest tires, for a production car - 295/30R18 front and 355/30R19 rear

The epic powertrain

One of the main reasons to love a Viper is the massive, 8.4-liter, pushrod V-10 that makes 645 hp and 600 lb/ft without any form of forced induction. It's also mated to a 6-speed manual. 0-60 mph happens in 3.4 seconds, on a way to 206 mph

Gorgeous looks

While the theme is subjective, the Viper has to get credit for featuring classic sports car proportions. Rounded haunches, long front end, and a swooping roofline finishing with a short decklid. It also looks like a fricking snake and that's awesome

The interior is actually quite nice

Forget old Viper interiors. This one, while still driver-focused, spoils you with great materials, and lots of leather and Alcantara, all while still wrapping around you like a snake... without choking you, of course

The price

Fifth-generation Vipers have retained their value, exceptionally well. Like older generations, they have started to appreciate, which is why this 2017 Viper GTC has a sticker price of $129,000


While not the best for road trips, the Viper is quite practical for a two-seater. In addition to the comfortable seats, it offers around 14.6 cubic feet of luggage space, which is more than a lot of hot hatchbacks. Just don't put the kids there

The driving experience

Sadly, the visceral driving experience that comes from an analog car is a dying art. The Viper's naturally-aspirated pushrod V-10 provides instant response and immense torque, while you shift the gears yourself

Swipe up for the full review of this 2017 Viper GTC

Joe's (the host) reactions during the test drive are proof for the thrill and satisfaction that comes with driving a Dodge Viper. It's a dinosaur from an era that's slowly going away. Wouldn't you agree?


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