Drag Race: 850 Hp Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak vs 600 Hp Honda Civic Type R

The Hoonmigan Crew pits a highly modified Honda Civic Type R vs a Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak race Car. The Results are shocking!

Two completely different vehicles make a strong case for their respective platforms, in a drag race

The Civic Type R is considered by many to be the ultimate FWD platform. With that being said, does it stand a chance against a modified GT3 race car?

On paper, the Civic doesn't stand a chance, even with all the mods done to it

Surprisingly, the Bentley weighs little over 3,000 lbs, which is over 2,000 lbs less than the road-going Continental GT. Meanwhile, the Civic Type R tip the scales at 3,300 lbs

Bentley also has twice the engine, twice the cylinders and about 50 percent more power than the Civic

The Bentley packs a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8 with 850 hp, while the Civic has a 2.0-liter turbo-four making around 600 hp. Both cars have a 6-speed transmission, although the Bentley's is a sequential

Being a GT3 racecar, the Bentley is pretty crazy out the box

Pikes Peak cars have less restrictions, which means the Bentley received an upgrade not only in terms of power, but also in terms of aerodynamics, scoring a gigantic rear wing and a humungus front splitter and canards

Meanwhile, the Civic Type R is the definition of a sleeper

Not that the FK8 is a slow car, but you'd never have guessed it packs 600 hp (double than stock), just by looking at it. While the K20C1 engine has been modified, the hot hatch also keeps the full interior

The Bentley is not built for drag races

If you've been watching Endurance racing, you'll notice all the racecars are slow off the line. This is due to the car's specific engine tune and gearing, which favors top-end power. The Bentley is an unrestricted GT3 car, so the same applies here

Meanwhile, the Civic Type R does not have that problem

However, as with all FWD platforms, the question is, how much of those 600hp can it put down? The answer is, surprisingly, all of them. From what the footage shows, the Type R experienced almost no wheelspin

It's best out of 3 races

The first race is 1,500 ft, standing start drag race. Bentley makes a slow start, but quickly catches up and takes a convincing win. The second race is also fro ma dig, but at 1,000 ft. Bentley has some issues, which means a win for the Honda

Halfway through the races, the Bentley's battery went flat

After replacing the battery, the car was giving a strange warning and refused to give all 850 hp. This resulted in the Civic taking another win. The race was also from a roll, which could have given the Bentley an even bigger advantage, if it had full pow

Bentley's setback meant another win for the Honda

This "This vs That" drag race is a classic story about the underdog that comes out on top, in the end. It also goes to show how good of a platform the Civic Type R really is

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Even before the Bentley's crippling issue, the Type R proved it could stay with it. Which one would you take?

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