E-Type UK Gave This 1964 Jaguar E-Type A New Lease On Life

This stunning 1964 Jaguar E-Type underwent a painstaking 3,500-hour restoration process

This iconic classic 64 E-Type was restored back to its former glory and has now been built out to factory spec, with modern mechanicals underneath

The restoration of this sixties icon was carried out by E-Type UK, who specialize in restoring classic E-Types

Before work on the car that hails from Norway began, the body was stripped right down to the bare metal and thoroughly inspected for signs of rust

Following this, each panel was sandblasted to take off the fifty-plus years of grime and any imperfections in the metal were patched to perfection with filler material

The skilled craftsmen went to the extent of building out a new floor, a renewed transmission tunnel, a new bulkhead, inner and outer wings, and a new hood specific to this model

To prevent corrosion in the future, rust inhibitors and multiple coats of high-quality primer were applied onto the bare metal

Post the primer, the car was ready to receive a truly unique and original '60s Jag shade, Pearl Grey

Under the hood, the car received several upgrades to bring this vintage Jag into the 21st century

The newly installed 3.8-liter engine, features a bespoke straight-six fuel injection system, with old-school throttle bodies along and concealed fuel injectors along with a range of modern sensors to keep the engine's performance in check

But wasn't just engine upgrades that this Jag received, there were a plethora of updates done to the Independent Suspension System and new brakes, which should definitely help with this Jag now riding like a modern one

The gearbox too now uses a modern five-speed rather than the originals four-speed unit. Despite the vast array of upgrades carried out on the car, close attention was give to retain the car's orginal character

The final step in the puzzle was refurbishing the cabin with high-quality blue leather, which contrasts rather well against the Pearl Grey exterior

And with that, the near 3500 hour restoration process was now complete. The owner will now get to savour some of the charm, reminiscent of those glory days from back in the sixties, without none of the sixties drawbacks. Swipe Up to Read More.