Emelia Hartford's Record-Setting C8 Corvette Might Have a New Owner

Emelia got a six-digit offer for her C8 Corvette which holds the record for being the fastest C8 to quarter-mile

Emelia Hartford and her C8 Corvette have been all over the internet this year. After a few record breaking runs, it looks like she will part ways with the 1,200-horsepower beast

While most of watch the videos and wait for it to get quicker every time, there are some who wish to own it.

In her latest video, Emelia revealed that she has an offer of $180,000 for her C8 Corvette

The car is extremely modified under the skin and cranks out 1,200 horses

In one of her earlier videos, Emelia gave a split up and mentioned that she has spent almost $150,000 on the car. So with this deal, she walks out with a profit

For the uninitiated, Emilia's 'Phoenix' broke the record for the world's fastest C8 Corvette, recording a time of 9.41 seconds to quarter mile

Hartford and her team took part in the LS Fest after breaking the record, but were booted because the car was too fast

According to NHRA Safety and Speed regulations, any sub-10-second car needs to have safety features like fuel cell, roll cage, etc.

This C8 Corvette didn't have any of those, which prompted the officials to disbar the car after its only run where it recorded a time of 9.71 seconds

Earlier this month, Hartford and her team attempted a run again and nudged their own record by 0.05 seconds, this time recording 9.36 seconds to quarter mile

Anyway, coming back to the latest happenings, Emelia hasn't announced her decision yet, but we could see it happen soon; maybe in her next video itself

If you were in her shoes, what would you do – sell it or keep it?

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