Eruption Green Paint Fits The 2022 Ford Bronco Perfectly

The new paint was inspired by the classic "Mallard Green" of the 1970s

After being announced back in 2020, the Ford Bronco is officially on sale

And, for the 2022 model year it already receives a few new features

Customers can opt for a new, Eruption Green Metallic paint that fits the SUV's personality just perfect

The new color is a modern interpretation of the "Mallard Green" exterior paint used in the Bronco of the 1970s

According to Ford, the green color with its yellow highlights are a real tie to nature

Next to this new green, Ford announced that a new, "Hot Pepper Red Metallic" will also be offered for the 2022 model year

Also, if you are interested in having your Bronco painted Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue Metallic and Rapid Red Metallic you can only do it until the end of 2021

The two new colors, Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red, will be available for order at the end of 2021


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