Ford Could Be Working on An Electric Bronco, But When Will We See It?

The person to hint this is none other than the company’s CEO, Jim Farley!

A Twitter user asked Ford's CEO, Jim Farley, if the automaker had any plans to bring in an electric version of the Bronco, and the CEO hinted there is one in the works

The user asked "why don’t we have an EV opinion on the new product like the Bronco?”,

To which Jim responded, “Why do you think we dont?”

But, before the Bronco EV, we could have the Bronco Hybrid

The Bronco Hybrid was confirmed in a now-deleted leaked video which showed EV-specific gauges in the instrument cluster

The Bronco Hybrid could feature Ford’s 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine with an electric motor and make around 450 horses combined

As for the Bronco EV, it could have Jeep Wrangler Magnet EV-rivalling specs

This is just a hint by the CEO which more-or-less confirms its existence,

but, it could still be at least a couple of years away

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