Ford Could Revive the "Splash" Name for an Electric Ranger or Maverick

Ford used the “Splash” badge on a sportier version of the second-year Ranger from the 90s

Ford has filed a trademark with the USPTO for the 'Splash' badge. It has "electric vehicles" listed as one of the categories, which means we could have another electric truck in the reckoning

Splash was earlier used by Ford for the original Ranger from the 90s. It was a sportier version of the second-gen Ranger

It will most likely be used for an electric iteration of a pickup truck, given its history. If yes, then we have two options - the Ranger...

… and the recently-launch Maverick

An electric Ranger seems the most suited option to receive the 'Splash' badge for now. And, if we go by the F-150 Lightning's norms, then this could be the most powerful Ranger ever built

The Ranger Splash could make around 400 horses and 550 pound-feet of torque

This is after taking into account the Ranger Raptor, standard Ranger, and the upcoming Ranger plug-in hybrid's power outputs

We can rule out the Maverick Splash for now

The Maverick is yet to build a reputation in the market and introducing a Maverick Splash could either make or break the case for even the standard Maverick

Without letting the internal combustion engine model settle and mature, Ford would be risking its future and the Maverick will be used as a mere step-stool to push the Maverick Splash

What Else Could The ‘Splash’ Badge Be Used For?

Special Ranger packages - Ford has a knack for coming up with random Ranger iterations. We hope Splash is not merely a package

Something To Do With The VW Amarok - Ford is building the upcoming Amarok for VW. They both want to focus on the commercial segment. So, could it be used for a work truck Ranger?

What If The U.S.-spec Ranger Raptor Is Called Splash? Ford has denied us a Ranger Raptor for years. What if the Ranger Raptor arrives as the Ranger Splash? Please NO!

For now, Ford has just filed the trademark for the name and there is no other news about it. So, we'll have to wait and see where it goes

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