Formula Drift BMW M2 Attempts To Go Fast In a Straight Line, But A BMW 318is Time Attack Monster Has Something To Say About It

Hoonigan drag races two very different "Beemers"; Both are out of their element on a drag strip

BMW M2 Formula Drift, a.k.a. F22 Eurofighter

This is a genuine Formual D car t hat has been retired. Formelly driven by Yves Meyer, the F22 Eurofighter as specially built by Latvian outfit NGK. Everything is bespoke and it even comes with a VIN number

German platform, but American power

No inline-6 here. Under the carbon-fiber hood is a built LS7 engine, which puts out 800 hp to the rear wheels. It's mated to a 6-speed sequential that's ben beefed up, in order to withstand punishment

BMW 318is E36 Time Attack

Built by Caliber Customs, this Time Attack monster started out as a 1994 BMW 318is. It now has a completely bespoke, body kit, including a complete underbelly, flared fenders, canards, big front splitter, and more

The radical aero works with sticky tires, for maximum grip

Aside from the obvious, tall rear wing and rear diffuser that's ready to plow the fields, there are massive 335mm slicks at the front and 345mm at the rear

American V-8 pwoer seems to be a key ingredient

Like the Formual D car, the E36 relies on a built LS2 V-8 engine. Aside from the crankshaft, everything else has been touched, and a centrifugal supercharger helps bump horsepower to 670 at the rear wheels. The transmission is a Tremec T56, 6-speed manual

The first race sets the tone

The F22 Eurofighter is lighter, more powerful, and has a sequential transmission. The E36, however, has sticky rubber and forced induction on its side, allowing it to take first blood, just as the M2 was starting to reel it in

Despite the initial results, the second race was carried out in the same manner

The Formula Drift M2 strugles to send power to the ground, as it is, specifically, meant for drifting. It loses, by 4 car lenghts this time, but celebrates with some awesome slides. No sore losers here

A rolling race should give the BMW M2 an advantage over the less powerful TIme Attack car

From a 30 mph roll, the Formual D car's wheelspin is minimized. The Time Attack car still proved to fast, however, resulting in a clear winner

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While both cars were out of their element, the Time Attack build is still more atuned to going fast in a straight line. The M2 looked liek it had a chance at one point, but in the end, pulling awesome angles is what it was meant for


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