Forza Horizon 5’s Trailer Looks Outrageously Epic

Forza Horizon 5 will come out soon and the trailer showcases some epic features and graphics

In FH5, you will explore even more epic places

We see a wide variety of detailed and dynamic environments across Mexico

You will have the obligatory long stretch of open road

For those top speed runs we all love doing

As well as bustling city streets

For epic 90-degree handbrake turns

FH5 will also feature a bigger variety of vehicles

More than 450 cars are expected to be featured

A lot more off-road vehicles than before

Including this awesome Bronco Trophy

Seing the stock Ford Bronco after the modified one

Suggests a wide array of customization options

You will still have plenty of asphalt racing to do

With a wide arsenal of high-performance and exotic machines

FH5 will have even better dynamic weather and enviromental effects

We'll even get sand storms and erupting volcanos

You'll even be able to climb mountains with Baja buggies

Plenty of airtime and daring driving awaits you

Forza Horizon 5 promises a lot more of everything

Swipe up to see the trailer and learn all the juicy details

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