GM Greed: No Assistance To Aftermarket Tuners Trying to Crack Open the C8 Corvette

GM has no intention of helping aftermarket tuners make the C8 better

Prior to the Chevy C8 Corvette’s release, we learned that aftermarket tuners would have a hard time tuning the new Vette

This was mainly due to the security features built into the C8’s Global B electric architecture and the ECU

Some say that GM has gone overboard with the security, while the company cites cybersecurity as the main reason

According to Muscle Cars & Trucks, trying to tune the C8’s ECU is nearly impossible without some major hardware

“Engine tuning is nearly impossible without running a ton of aftermarket computers in tandem with the factory ECU – otherwise known as a “piggyback”. The process isn’t exactly without serious compromises, either, often involving a rats nest of wi

That same outlet decided to reach out to GM to figure out what the deal is and if GM is going to help aftermarket tuners

They got into touch with the Corvette’s Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juecther, who basically shot down any and all hope.

“Our business model doesn’t really cater to the aftermarket, we have to do all the things internally between Corvette just like any other General Motors product. Our desire is to make the car as hack proof as possible to protect our customers.”

Beyond that quote, he pretty much went on about protecting customers from hackers taking over their car

When asked if GM would help a select group of well-known tuners access the C8’s electric system, he held the same stance

“The answer is essentially no. We’re not going to give everybody kiers to the backdoor into our modules to do whatever they want. We think the best will figure it out.”

The report sounds more like a bunch of legal jargon to protect GM’s image

When in reality, there’s a good chance GM doesn’t want anyone to improve the C8 beyond the stock configuration

Or, perhaps there will be GM-branded performance parts in the future

More than likely, however, it’s that GM doesn’t want people to buy the cheapest Vette and tune it

Probably because that would be cheaper than buying the higher-performance Vettes that will launch in the near future

Regardless of the reason, if you own a C8 Corvette, don’t expect aftermarket tuners to do much for you anytime soon

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