GMC Has Responded To The Ford F-150 Lightning's Threat With The Electric Sierra!

GMC teased the new Electric Sierra Denali in a short teaser clip revealing its electric intentions

GMC announced the Electric Sierra via a teaser clip it uploaded on YouTube

The automaker teased the Electric Sierra Denali by giving us a glimpse of its front fascia

You can see the closed grille with the GMC logo on it. The grille and the badge are illuminated. It also comes with L-shaped LED headlights. Overall, it looks similar to the Lordstown Endurance

You can see charging indicators/lights as well, similar to the setup on the GMC Hummer EV

There are no other details provided, but it will be a Denali model, which suggests it will be a plush offering. It could have a range of 400 miles, just like the Chevy Silverado EV’s initial

There’s no word on when it will arrive either, but don’t expect it to hit production any time before 2023. Swipe up to read some more speculations and details about the GMC Electric Sierra Denali