Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want

Lusting after the McLaren F1, but don’t have $20 million to spend on? Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition has got your back

The McLaren F1 may be out of reach for most, but the Grullon GT8 Grand Prix Edition is not

The kit car, developed by DDR Motorsport, looks a lot like a McLaren F1 and can go just as fast, provided you spend enough on the engine

The $26,405 sticker price of the kit is only a fraction of the $20.5-million value of the real thing

However, the kit does not include the donor car, which is, to no surprise, a Chevrolet Corvette C5. Those currently go for about $15,000 (for a bad example)

The kit gives you the essentials, which are motorsport-inspired

Don't expect a McLaren F1-inspired kit to not feature a bespoke chassis. DDR Motorsport provide a MIG-welded steel tubular spaceframe, with its own steel floor and panels

You also get a hand-crafted fiberglass body

The fiberglass body is finished in white gel-coat and in the case of the Grand Prix, it comes with various ground effects, made out of reinforced carbon fiber, such as the rear wing, quarterpanels, front bumper, roof scoop, and more

The competition-inspired interior is minimalistic, but you still have options

It's kind of like a Lego, since you have to source all the parts yourself. DDR Motorsport give you only a bare dashboard. The rest is up to you

The choice of powerplant is also up to you

While you an use a variety of Chevrolet LS V-8 engines, the Canadian kit car manufacturer says you need a Porsche Cayman S six-speed transaxle, with the corresponding adapter

You can also choose your own drivetrain

The good thing is you can reuse much of the C5 donor car's hardware, including the suspension and steering... or you can go for aftermarket ones. Sky is the limit with the GT8 Grand Prix

How bad do you really want a McLaren F1-looking car?

With everything needed for a complete build, you are looking at a price similar to a well-spec'd Mustang GT or a Camaro SS, but neither of them look like the British hypercar

The Grullon GT8 Grand Prix is a nice alternative to a home-built replica

If you are attempting to build a McLaren F1-inspired replica, why not buy the necessary parts from someone with motorsport experience?

Moreover, a replica will never be a collector's item, so you can thrash it around as much as you want

You will probably never see a McLaren F1 being driven at 10/10s, but with one of these you don't really need to show mercy, which makes the potential fun factor very high

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While "epic" is not the word some would use to describe the Grulon GT8 Grand Prix, there are certain aspects, which make it a viable alterantive. It may not have the herritage of a McLaren F1, but it doesn't have the astronomic price tag either. Did I men


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