IAA Munich Auto Show 2021 In Pictures

This visual recap of the 2021 IAA Munich Auto Show is a good substitute for not being there

The 2021 IAA Auto Show in Munich is certainly diverse

Among the highlights are resto-mods, classics, EVs, alterantive transportation, and much more

Mini, of all companies, came up with something interesting

A performance EV inspired by the JCW model

While on the subject of retro-inspired mini-EVs

Renault has revived the 5, in the form of a sub-compact EV

A hot, Alpine version is on the way

The Alpine 5 will be the hardcore version of the retro-futuristic EV hatch

But, that's not all Renault has to show

The Megane E-Tech is Renault's first all-electric crossover

Megane E-Tech boasts some decent figures, especially in the top trim

220 hp, 221 lb/ft, 292 miles of range, 60 kWh battery, and 0-60 mph in 7.4 seconds

We mentioned plenty of iconic classic cars too

IAA Dream Rides auctions are held at this year's IAA and this Lamborghini Espada could find its next owner

Indeed, classic cars were much more common this year

Among the most valuable cars was this 300 SL Roadster

There was also a stunning 300 SL Gullwing

Considered by many to be the first supercar, this bright red example is a real treat

As gorgeous on the inside, as it is on the outside

Just look at the 300 SL's beige leather interior and big clear gaues

The ultra-exclusive Mercedes AMG GTR Speedster also appeared at the 2021 IAA

Only 5 of the hand-made Speedsters will be made

Mercedes also brought out an entire EV fleet

The EQS, EQE, and EQG. Yes, they electrified the G-Wagon

But Brabus has brought their on G-Wagon

The AMG G63-based Brabus 800 is the equivalent of a very fast freight train

The rare exotics were everywhere

Among them is this Ferrari F40 LM, of which only 19 were made

Some exotics were tastefully modified

Like this widebody Mirbach DeTomaso Pantera. You be the judge

Others were reimagined

Reimagining the iconic 2.7 Carerra RS is no easy task

But, the people at Mlezko have managed

This classic-looking 911 combines classic 1960s design with modern tech

It also boasts unique interior features

We admit, the color scheme might not be to everyone's liking, but it's certainly different

Meanwhile, Smart made a surprising appearance

The brand reinvents itself with the Concept #1

Smart's first EV crossover is a new beginning for the brand, now owned by Daimler and Geely

It's designed by Daimler, but made in China

In a similar fashion, Maybach has reinvented itself

In the brand's 100-year history, this is its first EV SUV and a new beginning

It promises immense luxury and a good range

You'll be able to spend around 373 miles in the highly-digitalized, ultra-luxurious interior, before having to recharge

Polestar also joined the party

Its Polestar 1 graceful sat alongside the Polestar 2 - the brand's first EV

Hispano Suiza has come up with an ultra-quick EV

The Carmen Boulogne boasts 1,114 hp, a 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, and a range of 249 miles thanks to a 80 kWh battery. Only 14 will be made

Meanwhile, BMW unveiled a hydrogen powered iX5

It generates 168 hp in normal mode and 369 hp for when you need performance. The focus here is on efficiency

BMW's emphasis for this year was clearly not on performance

With the i Vision Circular, BMW have taken the next step in sustainability

100-percent recyclable

The car is entirely made of secondary materials or renewable raw materials

The i Vision Circular is based on four principles

Re-think, Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle. At least some of the philosophy behind the concept will be applied to BMW's future models

Mini Vision Urbanaut - yes, it's a Mini, but only in name

For a second year, under BMW's guise, the Urbanaut is shown. This hints at the Urbanaut heading towards production

Geiger is here, showcasing C8 Corvette enhancements

Instead of squeezing more power, Geiger has worked on the C8's chassis, in a collaboration with KW

G-Power has brought out its version of a BMW M850i and BMW M5

In addition to the new body kit, expect power outputs between 620 and 900 hp

Hyundai, once again, brought the Prophecy concept

The EV shwocases the brand's latest design language

We still think it looks like a Porsche Taycan

But with a weird twist

It's part of Hyundai's long-term strategy

We've already seen elements from the Prophecy in Hyundai models, but nothing even remotely close to the concept here

Meanwhile, AMG also goes fully electric with the AMG EQS 53

It boasts all-wheel drive, 751 hp, and 752 lb/ft good for 3.4 seconds to 60 mph

At the same time, an entirely new Mercedes model emerges - the EQT

The Concept EQT is an MPV that foreshadows both the T-Class and its EV equivalent - EQT

The most family-friendly Mercedes model?

The EQT promises unparalleled practicality that would fit all family needs

Back to the Mercedes EQG

The iconic boxy model finally gets an EV equivalent in the EQG, which will be capable of over 400 miles of range

Although not that different from the G-Wagon, the EQG does stand out

One distinctive feature is the case, in place of the spare wheel, which is actually a storage for your charging cables

More classic "Mercs" are always a good thing

This red 280SL W113 is pristine and ready to be auctioned off

Period-correct W113 interior

Just like the 300 SL from earlier, the interior is kept original

Meanwhile, the Mercedes AMG One is here

And it reminds us that hybrid vehicles are still a thing and can be very exciting

Sadly, all 275 units have already been sold out

The car uses an Formula One 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 with 3 electric motors, capable of over 1,000 hp

Honorary mention goes to the Zenvo TSR-S

It boasts serious power (1,193 hp) from its twin-supercharged V-8 and a tilting rear wing

ORA Cat is an expansion to the Great Wall-produced 2020 Good Cat

In addition to the sub-compact EV hatchback, there's now a sedan

ORA Cat goes racing?

Not just yet, but the more aggressive ORA Cat RACING is hinting at it. However, the electric powertrain still produces 143 hp and 155 lb/ft

The Ford Mach-E GT promises to squeeze more performance from the EV

487 hp, 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and 310 miles of range thanks to a 98.7 kWh battery

Another addition to the Motorworld booth is this McLaren Senna GTR

Only 75 of them were made

Motorworld specializes in rare and collector cars, such as the Senna GTR

The car could be auctioned off in the coming days

At this year's IAA, the rare vehicles a more than the premieres

This ultra-exclusive Isdera Imperator 108i is located at the CooleKarren stand - another high-end dealer

It's one of only 30 made

This particular example is an earlier one, without pop-up headlights

Back to the future with Volkswagen I.D.LIFE

VW joins the sub-compact EV crossover batle

A spiritual successor to the VW Golf Mk2 Country?

Once ahead of its time, the concept might work in EV form

LIFE is part of VW's strategy to expand its EV lineup

This one will arrive in 2025

VW also reminds us of its sportier version of the standard ID.4

The dual-motor ID.4 GTX can now be ordered

The ID.5 GTX was also brought out in public

Teased a couple of months ago, it's essentially a coupe version of the ID.4 GTX. Output is rated at 295 hp

PAL-V is something else

From a Dutch company comes the Personal Air Lander Vehicle

It's the first flying car to get EASA certification

This means the lying two-seater is essentially ready to go. It also looks like a McLaren 650, especially in orange

..more high-end dealers brought out their inventory

Dörr Group is a German dealer, specializing in McLaren, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bugatti, Dallara, Pininfarina, and Aston Martin

However, they only brought 2 cars

This is one of them and I know what you're thinking. If you look closely, you'll see it's not naked carbon fiber

OCC Siemens Smart Electric Chopper

Yes, they've come up with something for the environmentally conscious bikers. Apparently, it can reach 100 mph with only 27 hp

Many other companies also showed their idea of future transportation and emission-neutral propulsion

Among them was WEY- a branch of Great Wall Motors

The study offers a unique take on transportation

With short overhangs and a long wheelbase, interior space has been maximized

Mubea Urban M

The pedelec (yes, you have to pedal it) succeeds the eCargo

Autonomous shuttles developed by Mobileye, Transdev ATS, and Lohr Group

Tests wil lcommence next year and is expected to be ready by 2023

Mobus m Vision X

This transportation device promises Level 5 autonomy and immense connectivity

2021 IAA Mobility in a nutshell

A few noteworthy premieres, familiar models, alternative transportation, and more EV models