Invoke the James Bond Spirit In Your Kid With This Aston Martin DB5 Junior 'No Time To Die' Edition

This two-thirds scale version of the DB5 comes with all the gadgets and wizardry seen on the car in the James Bond movies

To commemorate the release of the upcoming James Bond flick ‘No Time To Die’, The Little Car Company has created a two-thirds scale version of the Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 Junior ‘No Time To Die Edition’ comes with all sorts of gadgets that we’ve seen in the movies over the years. It can seat one adult and one kid at a time

There are mini guns that pop out of the headlights, a modern interpretation of the cycling number plate that features digital LCD number plates, and there’s a smokescreen, too

The car will pay homage to the original with Silver Birch paintwork, individually numbered chassis plates, and Smiths instruments, which also includes an original clock. It even comes with Aston Martin and 007 badging

This 66-percent scale model comes with a fully electric powertrain that makes up to 21.5 horses. The top speed is rated at over 45 mph. There will be four drive modes of which the most interesting is "Skid Mode." In this mode, you can do donuts!

The car comes with disc brakes on all four wheels, a hydraulic handbrake, a double-wishbone suspension in the front, and a live axle in the rear.

On the inside, the DB5 Junior comes with a full leather interior in a variety of colors. There’s a Mahogany and aluminum steering wheel

Only 125 examples of the DB5 Junior ‘No Time To Die Edition’ will be made and it starts at £90,000 a pop, which is approximately $123,000 as per the current exchange rates

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