Is The McLaren 720S The Best Supercar On Sale Today?

The McLaren 720S may be the best Supercar on sale today. Here’s why

To say the 720 Spider is peak supercar is a bold claim

But there's plenty of data to back up the claim

McLaren took the time perfecting it

Work on the 720S began before its predecessor even came out

One of the best chassis

It even allowed for thinner A-pilalrs and glass buttresses, which improved visibility

Lightweight is key

Because the 720S is relatively simple, compared to other supercars, it has a dry weight of under 3,000 lbs

The amazing M840t engine

It's based on a Nissan racing engine, like its M838t predecessor from the 1980s, and it develops 710 hp and 568 lb/ft

It can destroy a Tesla P100D in a drag race

0-125 mph happens 2.5 secodns quicker, in the 720S

One of the best gearboxes currently on sale

Even in comfort mode, the 7-speed DCT shifts in under 50 milliseconds

Clever adaptive suspension

Instead of anti-roll bars, it has a very responsive hydro-pneumatic system

Torque vectoring instead of limited-slip differential

An LSD adds weight, so instead, the 720S features a brake-modulation - an F1-derived technology

It still has hydraulic steering

Technically, it's an electro-hydraulic system

Purposeful interior

Minimalistic, yet not ascetic. The steering wheel has no buttons and it has a single purpose - to throw the 720S into corners, at very high speeds

The 720 Spider is all in one

It can be "a coupe, convertible, and something in between", thanks to the electro-chromatic roof

Who needs a house?

It "only" costs $350,000...without options

"Dorifto" mode

Dai Yoshihara would appreciate this...which he does, at the end of the video

The last Mohican

Probably one of the last non-hybrid/electric supercars. What a shame...

Do you agree the McLaren 720S is peak supercar?

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