Is This 3,200 HP Dodge Viper GTS The Fastest In the World?

This 6-second Dodge Viper GTS generates over 3,000 Horsepower and is road-legal

A father and son's love for speed culminates in a 6-second widowmaker

This Viper has been breaking records for nearly a decade, and now, it's quicker than ever

The 8.0-liter V-10 has been fully-built

It now displaces 542 and has twin 88mm turbochargers. At 40 psi, it's capable of 3,200 hp

The mighty V-10 is paired with a 2-speed PowerGlide transmission

It's been built by Bad Habit Racing

Just under 2,900 hp on a bad day

At low boost and while sucking in exhaust fumes, the Viper put down 2,872.7 rwhp

It also features the obligatory roll-cage

A 25.3-certified roll-cage has been installed by Drummond Race Cars

The black Viper made a strong case for the V-10's tuning potential

About a decade ago, it became the first mid-7-second car with independent rear suspension

The fastest road-legal Viper?

It managed a 6.95-second 1/4-mile time at 202.67 mph

Near 50/50 weight distribution means lots of wheelies

They've done what they could to put more weight in the front, but it's not enough

Like his father, Milan keeps one hand on the parachute

In 2013, pulling the chute on time saved Milan's dad from serious injuries

The Viper's story continues

Despite its age, it's one of the fastest, road-legal, 1/4 and 1/2-mile cars

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