It Can't Get Any Cooler Than This Replica C7 CopBoat Can it?

Jetcarturkiye have built a Speed Boat that resembles a C7 Corvette and it sounds GOOD

If you're going to make a boat look like a sports car, why not go with one of the best looking ones out there

Well, that's exactly what Jetcarturkiye based out of you guess it right, Turkey has done. They clearly seem to have a knack for the C7 and they've built replicas of the famed a American sportscar

The attention to detail is second to none and they've done a stonking good job at trying to get the details right

And this is true especially on the outside, where you have the same gorgeous lines of the Vette

Wrong!! Because they have indeed made a cooler one. In some of their latest posts on Instagram, they've showcased this Corvette Replica that's made to look like a cop car

The long hood, the headlights, the doors, the wheels, you get the idea. Obviously, not all of them are functional and are present just for show

This red one seen here is a convertible. I mean common, it's even got a spoiler. It can't get any cooler than that right?

And its a fast cop car/boat as this thing not only sounds good but also goes like hell

I mean this Vette looks just as fast on the water as it does on the road

It certainly doesn't look out of place taking on the waves on a sunny day in Istanbul

Imagine the amount of engineering that went into trying to figure out a way to hide the outboard motor, in order to maintain the lines of the car. Jetcar hasn't disclosed a price for this toy, but unlike before apparently, you can buy one now

Apart from Jetcar, there's also Floating Motors from Italy who are working on some classic cool cars/boats. Considering how hot the new C8 is, should they make one? Swipe Up to hear what this cool C7 Replica sounds like.


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