It’s Easier Than You Think To Make Your BMW 3 Series (E46) Faster to 60 MPH

This old BMW E46 shows just how much weight you can remove from your race car

This BMW E46 is destined for the race track

But in order to gain performance the affordable way, it needs to go on a diet

Even before the "diet", the E46 performs valiantly

It manages a 6.79-second time to 60 mph (97 km/h)

A set of racing scales are used to emasure the weight of the car

Removing the seats makes a big difference

Just like that, the E46 drops 180 pounds from its 3,370-pound weight

Removing the seats and changing the battery is just the beginning

All plastic trim pieces are removed. The result is 3,043 pounds

Nothing is wasted

Good-condition interior bits like this arm rest are going for sale

Removing all carpets and sound deadening

The layer, bonded to the floor is removed using dry ice

Sub-3,000 pounds achievement unlocked

The result is 2,940 pounds (1,333 kg)

How do 430 pounds less improve performance?

0 to 60 mph now happens in 5.97 seconds and the stopping distance is almost 30 feet shorter

More weight reduction after adding the roll-cage

The door panels and most of the dash are still on

If you want to boost your confidence in doing something like this yourself...

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