Jaguar's three greatest designs by Frank Stephenson; the E-Type is not on the List

The famous Automotive Designer takes us through some of the British marques most celebrated automobiles

Designer Frank Stephenson regularly enriches and educates us with subjects around aesthetics and automotive design

Today he goes over three greatest designs, of one of the most iconic car brands in history, Jaguar

According to Frank, there are three pillars that a brand's design ethos is built upon

They are Agile & Athletic, Intimidating yet Un-aggressive, and Essentialism. The Jaguar brand certainly carries these elements in the way that their cars are designed are engineered to this day

First on his list was the iconic D-Type, the long nose one to be more specific

The D-Type was in fact an evolution of the C-Type

Both cars have a rich their history in racing and the D-Type has also won Le-Mans in the mid-50s

While the fin was a functional aerodynamic element, it transformed the car into one of the most iconic shapes in automotive history

Next Frank touches upon the XK120

The OTS model to be more specific was, i.e the roadster. This car had elements of art-deco design, considering it came out in the early 50s

The strong haunces, especially around the cover rear wheel and the split chrome windscreen are some of Frank's favourite design elements

The third and final car on his list is the Jaguar MK2 sedan

According to Stephenson, this car led the way for Jaguar design for its sedans. It was a quintessentially British design, with exquisite details like the rear quarter glass, that seems to be inspired by the Fibonacci spiral

The MK2 was a getaway car and marries athleticism and sportiness with grace an elegance

Apart from these three cars, as is customary with Frank, he lists a few more cars, including one from the recent past. Swipe Up to Find Out which one's.


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