Jay Leno Drives The 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 and Is Smitten By Its Performance

The popular talk show host got to take a pre-production model for a spin. Here’s what he had to say about Chevy’s latest creation

The C8 Z06 is by far one of the most important cars to come out this year

And Jay Leno was ecstatic to finally have a pre-production model in his garage

He had Aaron Link join him, who is the Lead Development Engineer for the C8 Z06

Link gives Jay a quick tour around the car, highlighting some of the differences when compared to the standard Stingray

The car that they're looking at is a C8 Z06 with the optional Z07 package

Like how the Z06 is wider by around 3.6" when compared to the standard car. You can see some extra bodywork round the headlights

And around the air ducts which are also marginally bigger to improve the air flow to the mighty LT6 engine

Link also adds that the Z07 package adds performance parts like this rear wing, better tires, and brakes that are more suited for track use

Speaking of tires, these 345 section tires are the widest ones, to ever be fitted to a Corvette. GM and Michelin took nearly four years to develop these tires

They then move to the interior where Jay adds is taken a big step up in terms of the quality of materials used

Some elements like the layout of the center console remind him of the '63 Split window, which featured a vertically mounted radio

Coming to the engine, Link says that from the time the Z06 was dreamt up, the architecture deserved an exotic engine, that could take advantage of the added traction and the light front end

With that, the pair hit the road

The thing that almost immediately catches Jay's attention is the noise that 5.5 liter naturally aspirated V8 produces

GM spent million tuning and refining the sound for the new C8, which also features a trick exhaust system

At 670 hp, the LT6 engine is, in fact, the most naturally aspirated V8 engine. With a flat-plane crank, this engine also revs to 8600 rpm

Overall, Jay is stumped by the new C8 Z06's performance. He still can't wrap his head around how does GM do this for less than 100 grand

According to Jay, anything from Europe with this level of performance could easily cost somewhere in the region of $300,000. Swipe up to see what else does Jay have to say about the C8 Z06.