Kinetik Automobili Makes the First Electric Supercar from Bulgaria But Its Future Is In Danger

Kinetik Automotive developed the first Track-ready Electric car, but it might need your help to continue its work

Kinetik 07 is the first track-focused EV

And it's being built in Bulgaria

Sadly, disaster struck on April 14th 2021

A fire in Kinetik's headquarters caused susbtantial damage

Through crowdfunding Kinetik hopes to rebuilt the facility and continue production

As for the car itself, it's a Barchetta-style roadster

And it's based on the Caterham Seven

However, it's fully-electric and produces 644 horsepower

Which allows for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) time of 2.7 seconds

Kinetik 07's body is entirely 3D printed

And every aspect of the car is made in-house

This includes the software suite and the information screen

The Kinetik 07 is production-ready

But the company stil relies on the crowdfunding campaign

In order to rebuild its facility and get back to producing it

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