Lamborghini Huracan Rayo Wants To Have A Go At 300 MPH

Lamborghini never made a new Miura, but the Lamborghini Huracan Rayo is the next best thing and promises to be very fast

The people at Envisage Group have given the Huracan Miura looks

The one-off special even gets the Miura's eyelashes

More aerodynamic than the stock Huracan

With the new body, the Rayo has a Cd of 0.279 - a signifficant improvement over Huracan's 0.39

The car will pursue 300 mph

Which is why it now makes 1,900 hp thanks to a twin-turbo setup

The definition of coachbuilding

The new carbon-fiber body did not require any sturctural modifications

The rear is most reminiscent of the Miura

The entire rear end is a modern interpretation of the 1960s icon

In addition, the rear end has been extended

We don't know by how much, but the increased length will help high-speed stability

Swipe up for more on the Reyo

Do you think it's an improvement over the standard design?


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