Lamborghini Just Isn’t For Sale, Shoots Down $9.2 Billion Deal

VAG turns down a $9.175 billion offer and retains ownership of Lamborghini

Lamborghini has had a great run under VAG ownership...maybe a bit too great

The German Automotive concern considered selling the Italian brand

Quantum Group AG and Centricus Asset Management offered $9.175 billion to buy Lamborghini

The plan was to turn Lmaborghini into a spearhead for innovation by consistently implementing clean drivetrin technologies

The offer was turned down and Lamborghini is stil owned by Volkswagen Audi Group

In addition, VAG was considering selling Ducati as well as handing over Bugatti to Rimac

This would have effectively turned Bugatti into an EV company

But, despite this most recent offer, that idea has been abandoned

As of now, Lamborghini's flagship supercar will stil lfeature a big normally-aspirated V-12

And We already know that the Aventador's successor will have a V-12 hybrid powertrain

Other Lamborghini models are also expected to receive a new hybrid pwoertrain in the near future

Although the V-12 stillives on, the whole Lamborghini lineup is to receive hybrid powertrains by 2025

And by 2030, Lamborghini is said to make the complete transition to electrcity

Did Lamborghini make a mistake turning down the deal?

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