Manhart Put A Grille On The Tesla Model 3 And It Looks Good

Ever wondered how a Tesla Model 3 would look with a Grille? Tuning firm Manhart has provided an Answer

Yes, they really did put a grille on an EV

It's called the TM3 720 and Manhart has chosen a strange way to enhance its appearance

The interior has not been touched

It looks like a work in progress. However, the people at Manhart are keeping a tight lip

Manhart has not touched the rear either

Aside from the "smoked" taillights, everything else is stock. Perhaps this will change in the future

As for the grille, it's not exactly a grille

They've actually painted it on the front end, so it looks less boring. The results are...we'll let you be the judge

They've also managed to extract extra power, somehow

The Model 3 Performance by Manhart, now boasts 542 hp and 531 lb/ft or 720 Nm. Hence the name

The "grille' is not the only visual enhancement

The front also benefits from a carbon-fiber splitter, which adds agressiveness

Manhart has given it new wheels and suspension

Those are 21-inch "Barracuda" wheels. Meanwhile, the stance is improved by H&R lowering springs

There's also a racing stripe that spans the entire length of the car

Because why the heck not?

There's a lot of red accents throughout the exterior too

They are a perfect match for the black paint finish

But that fake grille remains the highlight of the show

You have to admit, it gives the EV more character

Swipe up to learn more about the Manhart TM3 720

Would you rock a Tesla Model 3 with a fake grille?


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