Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid

This vehicle is the lovechild that both Jeep and Ferrari should be proud of

Bill Harrah, a casino magnate who lived in the mid 1900s, united a Jeep Wagoneer and a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 to make a four-wheel-drive, practical wagon with Ferrari's potential

Bill's mechanic crashed his Ferrari 365 GT which led to the Jerrari's birth. The Jerrari came with Ferrari's face and engine, and the 1969 Wagoneer's body for the rest of it

Originally, it was painted in crème-white exterior shade but was later repainted to racing dark green color

The Jerrari made use of the 365 GT’s 4.4-liter Tipo V-12 245 engine that made 320 horses

However, the Jerrari became quite famous and Harrah needed another ride to go unnoticed to his casinos

So, Harrah decided to plonk this engine into a 1977 Wagoneer and used this Wagoneer’s engine in the original Jerrari, which was a Chevy-sourced 5.9-liter, V-8 mill

After Harrah's death in 1978, his car collection was old and the Jerrari made its way to Germany, where it is now up for sale

The price isn't disclosed, but a piece of history like this won't come cheap

It has just 7,000 miles on the odo and is said to be meticulously maintained. Even the earlier damages have been fixed

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