Mercedes-AMG Teases Its Future By Looking to Its Past In Style

Mercedes and AMG have been in the electrification game for nearly a decade, you probably just forgot about it

Mercedes has released a short, cryptic video to remind us that it built an electric supercar way back in the early 2010s

That car was the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive

And it was very impressive for the time

It featured a 60 kWh battery pack

And could go up to 150 miles on a single charge, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but wasn’t bad for the time.

The SLS AMG Electric Drive had four electric motors

There was a pair on the front axle and a pair on the rear, and both sets were controlled by their own transmission

Despite the motors being paired

Torque could still be distributed to each wheel individually as needed

Total System output was an impressive 740 HP and 738 LB-FT of torque

This kind of power in an old Mercedes SLS

Meant you could get to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than the Tesla Model S at the time.

Charging the battery took a whopping 20 hours

Unless you had Mercedes’ special wall box that would charge it in just 3 hours.

Mercedes planned to build and sell 100 examples of the SLS Electric Drive

But a recent, undisputed listing there were just a total of 9 production cars built

Pricing would have been more than $500,000 in today’s money

Which is more than the current AMG GT Black Series, and could explain the poor sales performance.

In the short video Mercedes Just released, though

The company is hinting towards its future

“This is our legacy. Imagine our future #areyouAMGready”

Hinting further at an AMG electric sports car

After seeing this SLS Electric Drive test mule

We’re pretty sure AMG is planning an AMG GT EV

But we also know that the Mercedes EQS you see here

Is expected to get an AMG workover too

Regardless, AMG seems prepared for the electric future

And that’s a very good thing

Swipe up to see AMG’s latest teaser video or to learn more about the SLS AMG electric Drive!

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