Nissan To Unexpectedly Stir Up The EV Market By Making The Same Move It Did 70 Years Ago

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a true compact pickup, and the first one since might be an EV!

A new rumor says that Nissan could introduce a new electric compact pickup truck in the United States

With all other smaller pickup trucks being classified as midsize, and all electric pickups being larger, a compact EV truck would stand unopposed

Such a move would also harken back to the 1950s when Nissan (Datsun) created the compact pickup market with the 220 Series

If the rumor is true, there’s a possibility that Nissan would look back to the old D21, aka, the Nissan Hardbody for inspiration

A retro-inspired electric pickup would also go inline with the new retro-inspired Nissan Z

Nissan hasn’t confirmed that there are plans for an electric compact pickup, but it hasn’t denied that either.

Judy Wheeler, Nissan’s VP or Sales and Regional Operations in the U.S. actually hinted that it’s possible

"There are all kinds of things under discussion. I don't know that there is any serious discussion there at this point. I could see that coming. The pickup area is kind of interesting.”

With that said, it would make sense for Nissan to recreate the very niche that created once before

Nissan certainly has room for such a vehicle in its lineup, and so does the market.

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