Old-School Pure Stock Drag Race: '69 Vette L88 Unleashes Its Fury Against The '68 Super Bee

While the numbers seem to be stacked in the Vette’s favor, the real-world results are not what you’d expect

The Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Racing sees countless owners compete with, you guessed it, almost stock cars. In order to qualify, your car needs to comply with the tight regulations laid down by the PSMCDR body

Held annually in September, a C3 1969 Vette with a Big Block 427 Chevy-Big Block and 430 ponies showed up at the Mid-Michigan Motorplex

It took on this beautiful Dodge Super Bee from around about the same period. This example dates back to 1968

Under the hood lies an equally potent HEMI-powered 426 V-8 mill that represents one of the best of what Mopar had on offer back in the day. It puts out 425 hp

Round 1

With its lighter weight of 3461 and slightly more power, you'd assume that it was going to be a walk in the park for the C3

However, it was not the C3, but the Super Bee that managed to get to the 1/4 mile first with an ET of 11.62 seconds at 108.78 mph

Round 2

The second saw the cars switch lanes to see if that makes a difference

The Super Bee managed to pull an even cleaner pass with a 1/4 mile ET of 11.57 seconds at 105.78 mph. Swipe up to watch the races.


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