Pop-Up Headlights Were Cool, But Have You Seen The Corvette Manta-Ray's Pop-Up Taillights?

The 1965 Manta-Ray not only inspired the C3 Corvette, but featured the most unique taillight design ever seen on a concept car

The Manta-Ray is a GM concept from 1965 that preceded the C3 Corvette.

The 1967 C3 Corvette, also known as, the Coca-Cola Corvette, was heavily inspired by the 1965 concept car. Just like it, it had the pop-up headlights.

While the production car had pop-up headlights, the concept also featured pop-up taillights.

To be more specific, the taillights were fixed. It was the covers that opened and closed.

The covers actually had mirrors that reflected the red light. Definitely style over function, which is why it never made it on the C3 Corvette.

Credit : nismogropo

The Manta-Ray name is shared with another C3 Corvette.

It's a very limited version, modified by Baldwin Motion. Only 3 exist and one was recently listed for sale.

However, the original 1965 Manta-Ray is a pre-production car.

Whereas the Baldwin Motion model is based on the production C3 Corvette.

The 1965 Manta-Ray is also known as the Mako Shark II. There was another Mako Shark concept before it, which inspired the C2.

Typical for a concept car, the interior looks much more futuristic than the production C3 model.

The Manta-Ray was powered by a 427 cubic-inch V-8, rated at 430 hp.

The car proudly sits at the GM Heritage museum, to this day.

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