Porsche 993 Speedster By Gunterwerks Is The Ultimate Air-Cooled 911 Taken To The Extreme!

Gunterwerks took the last air-cooled Porsche 911 and turned it into an air-cooled Speedster to die for

Gunterwerks' latest creation unleashes the full potential of the Porsche 993

With the 993 Speedster, Gunterwerks wants to repeat the success of the 400R, in an open-top format, with less weight, and more power

The Gunterwerks 993 Speedster wants to be both, a driver's car and a canyon cruiser

Its JRZ adjustable suspension has a softer setting, out the box, but can be adjusted accordingly, depending on how fast you want to carve through the canyons

It shares a lot of components with the 400R, including the engine

Powering the 993 Speedster is a Rothsport-developed 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated flat-six that's air-cooled. It develops 435 hp and 335 lb/ft

The word 'lightweight' was invented for the Gunterwerks 993 Speedster

Thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the whole car, the 993 Speedster tips the scales at just 2,590 lbs, which is why the 0-60 mph sprint takes 3.7 seconds

Gunterwerks 993 Speedster is not your average, "flexy" open-top cruiser

When removing a car's roof, a decrease in chassis rigidity is to be expected. Not here. Gunterwerks has fitted additional bracing, making the Speedster is 50% more rigid than a 993 coupe

Like any Porsche 911, Gunterwerks' made sure the Speedster is classically correct

The restomod 993 features Fuchs-style wheels, accomodating wide Continental tires - 295 mm front, 335 mm rear. The iconic ducktail spoiler also makes a comeback, and the windshield actually comes from a 964 Speedster

Expect some amazing color combinations for the 993 Speedster

Part of the Speedster's classic looks come from the exterior color, which in this case, is similar to Porsche's Fjord Green, a non-metallic shade that harkens back to the Porsche 356

Despite being a restomod, the Gunterwerks 993 Speedster is true to Porsche's tradition

Like the original 356 Speedster and the more recent 991 Speedster, Gunterwerks' creation is for those wanting a sportier convertible, with performance similar to the coupe version

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Only 25 examples of the 993 Speedster will be made and you can be sure, the price will not be lower than $500,000. Potential collectibility aside, this takes the old formula of an air-cooled 911, and evolves it, in every aspect