Porsche and Manthey Celebrate 25 Years of Collaboration In the Best Way Possible

The German Duo showed off a new 911 GT2 RS ClubSport 25, of which only 30 examples will be made

Manthey Racing and Porsche have officially been collaborating for 25 years

To mark this special occasion, both Manthey & Porsche have unveiled a new, limited-run, track-only 911 GT2 RS ClubSport 25.

The Duo are celebrating their Motorsports relationship with just 30 examples of the special edition, six of which are bound for the States.

The car is based on a 991-Gen, 911 GT2 RS. This special edition has green highlights reminiscent of Grello and pays tribute to Manthey's 911 GT3 R.

With several aero upgrades and bespoke mods, the ClubSport 25 is unlike any other Porsche. It is priced at €525,000 or nearly $620,000 at current exchange rates. excluding taxes. Swipe Up to Read More.