Porsche Denies Rumors About a New Halo Hypercar, But That Doesn't Mean It Isn't Happening

Is Porsche really cooking a mid-engine GT1 successor?

It seems Porsche coud indeed be working on a new mid-engine supercar

Production of the 918 ended in 2015. A new flagship Porsche is needed, but Porsche is giving us mixed signals

It was believed that the new flagship Porsche will be a street version of the LMP1 919 Hybrid.

A clay model of the 919 Street was shown at the Carrera GT's 20th Anniversary. Sadly, it never went beyond that

Two Porsche US representatives have given very different pieces of info. According to one of them there are “no immediate plans for a car of this kind”

While another suggests, you can now put down a deposit for the new mid-engine supercar, despite Porsche not giving an official press release yet

At the same time, we've seen a weird-looking super-wide 718 testing on the 'Ring", so Porsche is definiteley up to something

One thing we know about Porsche's next mid-engine supercar is the name - GT1

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