RAM Believes Electric Trucks Shouldn't Come With Compromise

RAM’s EV will be built around its core values: Durability and Capability

Ram officially announced the electric 1500 a couple of weeks back without a whole lot of details

But, the company has now noted that the EV will be built around its core values: Durability and Capability

Ram’s brand manager said, “the capability and the durability, those aren't going to change, I think, as you look forward to an EV-oriented truck product.”

Every new electric truck today is a performance monster. So, it’s good to see Ram focus on what actually matters to pickup truck owners

Ram’s CEO, Mike Koval, had also stressed on the importance of towing and payload when the 1500 BEV was announced

Stellantis announced four new BEV-centric ‘STLA’ platforms shared within the group – Small, Medium, Large, Frame

The 1500 BEV will be based on the STLA Frame platform and will have a range of up to 500 miles

Other than this, it will support Fast Charging up to 150 kW, Dynamic Range Mapping, Charge Station Locator, etc.

The 1500 BEV revealed in the presentation had LED headlights, LED connecting strip, and an illuminated logo on the grille

Ram had a fantastic second-quarter this year as it pipped the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado in sales numbers

So, we can expect it to be a big threat to its rivals in the electric battlefield

Note: Since Ram hasn't revealed the 1500 BEV, the images used here are the ones revealed in the presentation, or from the current crop of fuel-powered trucks

Swipe up to learn more about the 1500 BEV and read Ram’s official statement to Automotive News about it

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