Retro is Back!! Behold, the R5 Turbo 3 by Legend Automobiles

A modern take on a Rally Icon, the R5 Turbo 3 is a car conceived by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

The R5 Turbo was one of the most significant Class B Rally cars of the 80s

The Turbo 3 was designed by Alan Derosier and pays homage to that classic rally icon

The car is, in essence, the unofficial spiritual successor to the legendary R5 Turbo 2

Alan cofounded Legende Automobiles with a couple of passionate Frenchmen after moving to Los Angeles and they call themselves L.A .

The R5 Turbo 3 is based on an original three door R5, although significantly updated and modernised.

It features a bespoke carbon-fiber body,

and hi-tech touches like LED headlamps in keeping with the times

A lot has also gone under the skin with revised suspension, a wider track, and a four-cylinder mid-mounted engine that makes 400 hp, mated to a manual gearbox

The cabin has also gotten a complete makeover

With bucket seats and a roll cage

The dash might appear spartan, but you’ve got the basics like the sporty two-spoke steering with a digital instrument panel

With these changes, the Turbo 3 is a blast from the past and ought to be a lot of fun, Swipe up to read more.

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