Ride Along With Randy Pobst In The Tesla Model S Plaid That Dominated Pikes Peak!

Coming back strong after last year’s crash, Randy Pobst has set the quickest time recorded in the Exhibition Class this year in his Tesla Model S Plaid

This year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb’s course was cut short due to bad weather. Nevertheless, Randy Pobst piloted his Model S Plaid and won the climb in the Exhibition Class

In what was his eighth Pikes Peak appearance, Randy's ride this year was a Model S Plaid customized by Unplugged Performance

The Model S Plaid featured a lot of aero enhancements and mechanical upgrades, like Bilstein shocks and rear sway bar, but no changes were made to the powertrain

It featured a chin splitter with dive planes up front, a huge tailgate-mounted wing at the rear, and Yokohama rubber wrapped around Unplugged Performance wheels

Pobst expertly piloted his Model S Plaid around the turns and went on to finish first in the Exhibition Class, which was a nice redemption after crashing out of the climb last year

Randy Pobst recorded a time of 6:57.220, which is the quickest time recorded in Exhibition Class and 10th overall

Swipe up to watch the video of Randy driving his car to the finish line, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section

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