Rimac Nevera vs Tesla Model S Plaid Is The Drag Race We've All Been Waiting For!

The dawn of the EV wars is upon us; which one of these ballistic EVs will dominate?

What exactly happens when two of the most highly anticipated EVs of the year go head-to-head? Let's find out as to how the Model S Plaid stacks up against the Rimac Nevera.

The Rimac was in the U.S. for the Monterey Car Week and it had just, a few days earlier, set the record for fastest 1/4 mile in a production car.

It packs a colossal 1,914 hp from its four electric motors. It tips the scales at 4,733 lbs. The Rimac costs a whopping $2.4 million.

The Model S Plaid, in comparison, seems far more reasonable, coming in at $124,000.

It has close to half the power of the Rimac, at 1,020 hp and it also weighs about 100 lbs more at 4833 lbs.

With the numbers out of the way, both EVs pull a couple of 11s to get some heat into the tires.

On the first pass, the Tesla gets a jump on the Nevara.

Maybe due to poor reaction time from the Rimac's driver.

However, as the race progresses, the Croatian EV's 1,914 horsepower advantage becomes apparent...

... taking the win at the quarter-mile. The Rimac clocked in a time of 8.65 seconds at 166.66 mph while the Tesla managed 9.27 seconds at 152.68 mph.

On the second run.

The Rimac gets a near perfect launch.

And that too right off the line.

Here's the view from the Plaid's cockpit.

You can see just how much of a lead the Rimac had on the Tesla.

The Nevara clocked in a time of 8.64 seconds at 166.44 mph while the Plaid managed 9.31 seconds at 151.34 mph,

With that, the EVs line up one last time for a third and final run.

The lights go green and this time too, the Rimac gets a perfect launch.

Nevara clocked in a time of 8.61 seconds at 166.39 mph while the Plaid managed 9.29 seconds at 151.75 mph.

So, the Rimac is king for now, but remember that the Model S is a practical 4 door sedan for the average Joe and has half the power. Let's see what the upcoming Tesla Roadster can do. Swipe up to read more.


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