Rocket Bunny's New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry

If you think the Toyota GR86 looks docile, wait until you see the latest Rocket Bunny wide-body kit

The 2022 Toyota GR86 will be on sale from November, but the aftermarket is already ahead of the game

Rocket Bunny recently unveiled their wide-body kit for the upcoming Japanese sports coupe and it looks as good as we expected

The 2022 Toyota GR86 looks much more aggressive than its previous iteration

But, as always, the Japanese master - Kei Miura - took things to the next level. In typical fashion, the Rocket Bunny treatment holds nothing back

Typical for Rocket Bunny designs, the front is heavy on aero elements

The massive front splitter and canards aim to channel as much air towards the side of the body as physically possible. The GR86 not only looks like it can eat smaller cars, but it also hints at some serious downforce

The fender arch may not be to everyone's liking

It's one of those hate it or love it design elements, especially with the added extension behind the wheel arch, which serves an unknown (as of yet) purpose

The rear end is surprisingly clean, without looking sterile

The air is channelled through the massive rear fenders, which end with big air outlets. Meanwhile, the rear wing almost looks like it came from the factory

The Rocket Bunny body kits are already available to purchase

It seems, the aftermarket is ahead of the game on this one, since the car has not come out on sale just yet. This, of course, is going to change, come November

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What do you think of the Rocket Bunny Toyota GR86?

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