"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX

Here’s you chance to witness the legend himself in his element - a rare insight into Schumi’s life, like you’ve never seen before

We recently published a post on a Trailer of a documentary on reigning F1 Champion, Micheal Schumacher

Well, the wait is finally over as the film is now airing on Netflix

As we know, Schumacher has been in a coma-like state since his skiing accident back in 2013

This documentary now gives us an insight into what the man was like both on the track

and off of it, and how he really was in essence, a family man

Members of Micheal's family Rolf, brother Ralf

Daughter Gina, and current HAAS F1 racing driver and son, Mick Schumacher were interviewed in the film

His wife Corina describes him as very funny and wonderful, while FIA president and friend Jean Todt, describes Micheal as reserved and shy indiviudal

Nicknamed Kaiser, Micheal is a seven-time F1 World Champion, who has never enjoyed the limelight that the crazy world of Formula One brings

Here's your chance to witness one of the all-time greats and just see what makes Schumi the legend that he is

Catch the film, now airing on Netflix. Swipe Up to Read More.